Occupy Economics, Part 1: Capitalism, Crisis, and (Occupy) Economics

Summary: Mainstream economic methods and models failed to predict the crisis, but this shouldn’t be surprising, since their purpose is to give ideological support to capitalism and the material interests it serves. An alternative, occupy (or people’s) economics takes a different approach: It is radical, interdisciplinary, and dialectical in method and emancipatory in its intent. This teach-in explains this alternative view, discusses the fundamental principles of capitalism, class, and neoliberalism, as well as analyzes the nature of the financial crisis that began in 2007/8 and the economic recession that followed. All of this is done from the perspective of the Occupy movement. The purpose of this teach-in is to provide the groundwork for subsequent teach-ins that take up several of the topics discussed here only in brief.

Dr. Chad Kautzer is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado Denver.


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