Integral Theory and Social Activism

Integral Theory is a broad, all encompassing philosophy developed by Colorado based thinker, Ken Wilber. It is a one of kind, system for putting divergent political, historical, religious, and scientific ideas within a framework which respects both their similarities and differences. It also provides an optimistic vision of the future based on concrete, cross-discipline evidence. Figures who have mentioned integral theory as a major influence on lives and work include Al Gore, Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, Larry Wachowski (The Matrix, V for Vendetta), and self-help author Deepac Chopra.

Chris is an organizer for Occupy Denver and in a formal life, was part of the “Integral Scene” of Denver/Boulder. He has studied integral theory for 15 years, and has worked with many of the central figures in the integral world.


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