Occupy Economics, Part 4: The Occupy Movement as Ideology Critique

Summary: Like class, ideology is a term that has many uses and, as with class, having a solid analysis of ideology is necessary for good social critique and successful movement building. This teach-in defines ideology, looks at how Occupy is (in practice) a critique of dominant ideologies, and, lastly, takes up two case studies in ideology: The state’s response to the foreclosure crisis, and more locally, Denver’s “urban camping” ban, which criminalizes homelessness. The crisis in Alan Greenspan’s ideology (derived from the teaching of Ayn Rand) is here used a window onto the relation of ideology, power, and class today. [For a moment it appears as if the Gods are angry at this critique of Greenspan, interrupting the teach-in with lightning and a thunderclap so powerful it shakes the building (and camera) at 16:40]. Žižek, zombies, the role of ideology in the construction of our own identities, as well as the legitimation crises of the state and capitalism are also discussed.

Dr. Chad Kautzer is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado Denver.


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